SF Day 3: Atmosphere on Broadway

A few of us headed to dinner at Akiko’s Restaurant in Union Square before making our way out to Atmosphere on Saturday night.

Girls: Hannah x Noelle x Dina –  Guys: Edric x Virus x TK
I don’t even remember what these sushi rolls were called but they were absolutely delicious…
This is their signature volcano roll… OMG!
Alright, time to get it crackin’ with the Hvyrsnl x Victory crew at Atmosphere for Round 3.  Before stepping foot into Atmosphere, I visited new club owner Trung Tran next door at his club Sutra. He gave me 3 shots of vodka in a matter of 5 minutes.  SMH.  I’m glad to see my Vietnamese brother doing big things! If you’re ever in SF, go visit his club Sutra and tell him I sent you. HAHA

Lets go… DJ Julz!
LVMH: #morebelve x #morehenny
Shout out to DJ Edroc and the homie Jay!
It turned out to be a wild and wet night with all the buckets of ice people got poured on them behind the DJ booth… Fun times none the less!

Time to head back to the hotel where I found a dead body…
To be continued…

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